Are You Drowning In Passwords?

Ever since the Internet was introduced to the public in the ’90s, users around the world have faced the “password problem.” With a growing number of online accounts to manage on multiple devices, users continue to choose the convenience of using the same, easy-to-remember passwords on all of their accounts rather than following better security practices of using strong, unique passwords on all of their accounts. And we get it! We have so many passwords to try and remember or write down somewhere secure it can seriously hurt your head at times.

Being proactive about your digital security is important and it is time we all take seriously. Think about it – we wouldn’t use the same key for our house, car, mailbox and safe, so why would anyone use the same password for every online account?

Password managers like Dashlane help users create, use, and store passwords for all of their online accounts. It eliminates the hassle of not only memorising passwords but accessing them as well. Many password managers allow you to access your passwords on multiple devices, will automatically log into online accounts, and will fill out account registration forms with ease.

Try Dashlane’s Password Generator tool to create strong passwords. You can specify the password’s length and choose to include numbers, letters, and symbols. Password Generator will also indicate the strength of the password so you can rest assured that your password is virtually un-hackable.

I personally couldn’t live without Dashlane, I have been using it to store my 200+ passwords for years, and have made my life so much easier. Put a stop to reusing the same passwords and further secure your programs and platforms against cyber hacking attacks. Dashlane is a free tool and you may find out more HERE.