What Are Performance Max Campaigns?

Performance Max campaigns are a brand-new campaign type in Google Ads. Below are a few things we think you should know about this campaign type:

Google first unveiled Performance Max campaigns during its Google Marketing Livestream event in May 2021 and subsequently went on to launch a beta testing period which it says ‘provided strong results’.

Google then announced in November 2021 that Performance Max campaigns will become the next generation of Smart Shopping and Local campaigns, which will both upgrade to Performance Max in 2022.


Performance Max campaigns are a new automated goal based campaign type, whereby Google’s automation technologies work with bidding, budget, audiences, location, creatives, headlines, description lines and much more.

Google will use all of the assets and information to then auto-generate ads. It uses your advertising objectives, conversion goals and audience signals to reach the right audiences at the right time, across Google’s full range of advertising channels (including YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail and Google Maps).

 Google claims that Performance Max can help you to:

  • Increase conversions & value (through its automation of bidding and budget across channels);
  • Discover new customers (by using Google’s real-time understanding of user intent, behaviour and context to show up ‘in the right moments with more relevant ads’);
  • Gain richer insights (Performance Max campaigns can be found on the Insights section of Google Ads to help you understand how automation is working and how you can improve your campaign)



  • Performance Max are goal based campaigns and it’s best used when you have specific conversion goals, such as generating leads or sales. You need to make sure you have clear goals as you are telling Google to optimise towards this and you need to provide the platform with the best assets against your competitors.
  • Automated bidding means it can take control away from your campaigns to an extent and therefore you may see wasted budget in areas if you are not careful about how you set up your campaigns.
  • Reporting on individual insights on each asset could be difficult.


How Daisy Digital Can Help

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